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Educator . Community Organiser . Project Coordinator . Event Production . Curator . Artist . Cook

An advocate for diversity and inclusion, alternative education, creative and innovative solutions, building bridges and wholesome communication. Disrupting while flourishing.



11/2021: Eye to Eye Workshop – Empowerment Workshop: Honouring The Foods of Our Ancestors at BIWOC* Rising

10/2021: Mapping Memory contribution – The Pandanoodle.

10/2021: Graphic Design for Voicemail #8.

10/2021: Freelance Visual Communication work for Initiative for Racial Justice. REPORT: Structural Racism in Law Enforcement in the European Union.

08/2021: Artistic Contribution to the Night School Berlin: »Night School Potluck« at Pop-Kultur.

07/2021: Interviewed for Heinrich Böll Stiftung: After Atlanta. Anti-Asian Racism in Germany article written by Dahye Yim, Ngoc Bui, and Jee Hei Park.

06/2021: Non Native Native FAIR contribution – A Feeders Community Care & Resilience. Playing with food, community care and art with Promona Sengupta. Cooking Video filmed by Thao Ho, edited by Vicky Truong.

05/2021: Tools To Transform Contribution – Our Elders’ Foods. An Asian Art Activist organised workbook for Asian Diaspora organising.

05/2021: Freelance Visual Communication work for Equinox: Initiative for Racial Justice. REPORT: Towards Gender Justice report.

05/2021: Main organiser of FUtopia 2021. A 5-day festival that centres Queer and BIPoC care, rest and knowledge sharing. PROGRAM:

03/2021: Co-organisation of the Vigil and Demo In Memory In Resistance: In solidarity with Atlanta and Asian Diaspora Communities.

03/2021: Freelance Visual Communication work for Equinox: Initiative for Racial Justice. REPORT: Towards Racial Justice report.

03/2021: Assistant researcher, interviewer, transcriber for the RE: Writing The Future Festival.

01/2021: Have You Eaten Yet? BPoC online community dinner. Sharing stories surrounding food.

12/2020: Workshop facilitator for Cobot – Diversity and Inclusion.

12/2020: Speaker at an Artist Training Lab for Radical Transformation at UdK. Speaking about my work in the field of anti-discrimination and organisational development.

12/2020: Modelled for Marzena Skubatz’s photo for the Hugs to Post project raising money for Doctors Without Borders.

11/2020: Co-organising the un.Thai.tled exhibition as part of the German Asian Artist Conference.

11/2020: Initiated the online dinner series: Have You Eaten Yet? A BPoC dinner for community care.

11/2020: Speaker at the Asian Art Activism Til We Meet Again series – Tools to Transform panel.

09-11/2020: #Mygration Online Festival Series Program Curation and Moderation. Watch the series here.

09/2020: Seeing Color Podcast “I AM NOT A FORTUNE COOKIE (w/Vicky Truong)” with Zhiwan Cheung

09/2020: Facilitation Eye to Eye Session at the Soydivision Likalikuluka event. Eye to Eye creates safer spaces for BIPOC to discuss, share and acknowledge each other surrounding the topic of race & intersects.

09/2020: Project Management for #Mygration – Midnight Traveler Screening

08/2020: Moderator for the Collective Artist Activist Talk #5: Black Lives Matter Berlin with Interflugs

07/2020: Published translated article „Auf der Brücke zwischen mir und meinen Lieben liegt das Essen“ with Südostasien

06/2020: Project Manager and Moderator for #Mygration Deutschland Festival event–Thai Food Pop-Up x Mygration x un.Thai.tled x Pandanoodle. Watch the recordings here.

06/2020: Speaker at Artists Talking To Artists II : Isaiah Lopaz & Vicky Truong in collaboration with Iwalewahaus Universität Bayreuth. VIDEO RECORDING.

06/2020: Co-organiser and Facilitator for Stop Police Brutality – Black Asian Solidarity EU-wide Online Discussion for DAMN*

05/2020: Workshop Facilitation for FemmeFitness : Food Nourishing The Body and Soul

05/2020: Photographed for “Gabenzäune” piece by Marzena Skubatz

04/2020: Initiative to begin online community calls on pressing topics for Women* of Asian descent in Germany. Facilitating a talk on exoticism, fetishisation, sexual violence and predators, sentiments of loneliness during the COVID-19 situation.

03/2020: Project Manager and Curator of #Mygration Deutschland Festival

03/2020: Rice is Life Catering at Voicemail #5

02/2020: Project Manager and Content Creator #Mygration movement

01/2020: Interview for article with Noizz “Ist es rassistisch, von “asiatischem Essen” zu sprechen?” written by Katharina Kunert.

01/2020: Writer of “Food Breaking Through Migration Barriers” for VLAB.

12/2019: Event Manager for “Flicks and Chill–Discussing navigation through inequitable spaces” BIPOC community event for AfricAvenir

12/2019: Speaker at Deutsche Antidiskriminierungstage 2019 in association with Black Brown Berlin at Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin

11/2019: Interviewed for “From Fashion Design To Alternative Education & Activism In Berlin” with POC Stories by Aissa Sica

11/2019 Participant of Learning from Art? research project, Bosch Alumni Network in Berlin

11/2019: Project Coordinator and Workshop Facilitator for Dilated Eye to Eye workshop at UdK, Berlin

11/2019: Co-production and co-hosting Asian Artist Network Meetup #2 in Berlin

11/2019: Project Coordination and Workshop Facilitation for Eye to Eye #6 The Struggle is REAL in Leipzig

10/2019: Participant of Creators of Common Ground, Bosch Alumni Network in England

10/2019: Project Coordinator and Workshop Facilitator for Eye to Eye #5 Community, Activism and Harnessing Social Media. Socio-political workshop series for the Asian diaspora.

09/2019: Project Coordinator and Workshop Facilitator for Eye to Eye #4 Connecting to our Food. Socio-political workshop series for the Asian diaspora.

09/2019: Participant of kick-off meeting for German Artists of Asian descent for Fluctoplasma

07/2019: Project Coordinator and Workshop Facilitator for Eye to Eye #3 Internalised Racism and White Washing. Socio-political workshop series for the Asian diaspora.

06/2019: Participant of EPRIE conference in Tokyo and Seoul

06/2019: Project contribution for N*A*I*L*S hacks*facts*fictions with District

05/2019: Project Coordinator and Workshop Facilitator for Eye to Eye #2 Intersectionality and Racism. Socio-political workshop series for the Asian diaspora.

05/2019:  TGEU – Transgender Europe and Center for Intersectional Justice videos surrounding the European Parliament elections

04/2019: Panelist on Cracking the Ceiling conference at Hertie School of Governance

03/2019: Event Production and Host for Community Meet-Up and German-Asian archive

2018 – Present: Catering and Production Assistance Voicemail: Spoken Word, Music and Comedy event series

2018: Project Coordinator and Workshop Facilitator for Eye to Eye #1 Micro-Aggressions. Socio-political workshop series for the Asian diaspora.

11/2018: Project Coordinator, Curator and Host for WE ARE NOT SAME SAME festival

11/2018: Interviewed for “5 Questions for… Vicky Truong” with EXBERLINER

06/2018: Project Coordinator and Curator for I AM NOT A FORTUNE COOKIE event

04/2018: Interviewed for “Rice is Love at Rice is Life” with Berline Loves You

2017 – Present: Owner of Rice is Life catering and pop-up kitchen series

2014 – Present: Educator at Meine Schule Berlin

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Working within an array of industries: Academia, Business and Gastronomy.

Continuously open for collaborations with individuals, collectives and corporations working towards social change, equity, inclusion and diversity.

My Skills

I have skills in community management, project coordination, events management, workshop facilitation, education, marketing, content creation, graphic design, social media and cooking.

I speak English (C2), Chinese (Teochew dialect A2), French (B2), and German (B2).

Proficiency with MS Office, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, MailChimp, Creator Studio, WP.

About Me

Photo: Schirin Maoiyeri

Australian born and raised with Chinese (Teochew), Thai and Vietnamese heritage.

Currently residing in Berlin, Germany. I completed my Bachelor of Business in Australia and studied Fashion Design and Creation in Paris, France.

I am an advocate for diversity and inclusion, alternative perspectives, creative and innovative solutions, building bridges and wholesome communication. I enjoy working in diverse environments that challenge and allow me to apply my empathy, coordination and creative skills. I’m highly motivated, strategic and persistent with setting goals and achieving them. I’m highly versatile and can bring a lot of energy to teams and enjoy working autonomously.

I continuously strive to challenge my skills and knowledge; forever growing and learning. I hope to do so through collaborations in an array of industries.


Korientation e.V.
DAMN (Detusche Asiat*innen Make Noise) collective
Korea Verband e.V.
EPRIE 2019
Bosch Alumni Network
Media Partner – CIJ


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